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The kibble of JosiDog Economy is made from crunchy, tasty chunks and is suitable for dogs with normal energy requirements.

Complete feed for adult dogs

  • Lepakojuma lielums:
  • 15kg
Complete feed for adult dogs
Composition: cereals; meat and animal derivatives; vegetable by-products; oils and fats; minerals; ;
= Weight/ 24h from to
5 kg 90 g 120 g
10 kg 140 g 200 g
20 kg 230 g 350 g
30 kg 300 g 470 g
40 kg 360 g 580 g
60 kg 510 g 750 g
80 kg 620 g 960 g

Please keep in mind that the recommended amounts are only a rough indication and should be adapted to the individual dog's feeding needs and activity level. The recommended amount of food is per pet per day